6 July 2021,
How long does shoulder surgery take

Often, injuries and conditions involving the shoulder joint can be treated without surgery. However, if conservative treatment fails to resolve symptoms, shoulder surgery may be the next recommended step. How long does shoulder surgery take, typically? This is among the questions patients frequently ask when considering surgical treatment for a lingering shoulder issue. Let’s discuss the timeline you can reasonably expect for preoperative preparation, the actual procedure and postoperative recovery.

How Long Does Shoulder Surgery Take?

If you are considering surgery for a shoulder problem, here are some guidelines on what you can anticipate in terms of the procedure duration and recovery:

  • Before surgery – Depending on the specific procedure and the patient’s preference, shoulder surgery may be performed under general or regional anesthesia. Keep in mind that anesthesia administration will add to the total amount of time spent at the surgery center.
  • The procedure – How long does shoulder surgery take to perform? Generally speaking, shoulder surgery is completed in around 1-2 hours. Factors affecting the exact length of your shoulder procedure will include whether the surgery is arthroscopic or open, as well as the location/severity of the shoulder damage to be repaired.
  • After surgery – Following arthroscopic shoulder surgery, patients can typically expect to return home the same day, after spending around 1-2 hours in the recovery room. For open shoulder surgery, an overnight hospital stay may be required. 

Your orthopedic surgeon will provide detailed instructions on how to manage any discomfort and care for your operated shoulder following surgery. They will also give you an overview of what to expect in terms of your individual rehabilitation. For an example shoulder surgery recovery timeline, see our resource on what to expect following rotator cuff surgery.

Dr. Soffer: Committed to Providing the Highest Level of Orthopedic Care 

If shoulder pain is disrupting your life, it may be time to explore treatment options with an experienced orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. Stephen Soffer. Proudly providing his orthopedic expertise to patients in and around Reading, PA, Dr. Soffer offers a full range of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for shoulder problems. 

If surgery is needed to restore shoulder function and alleviate a patient’s symptoms, Dr. Soffer prioritizes arthroscopic surgery whenever possible. As compared to traditional open procedures, shoulder arthroscopy generally offers the benefits of minimal trauma, less damage to surrounding tissue and, in turn, a shorter recovery time. To schedule an appointment to explore cutting-edge shoulder treatment options with Dr. Soffer, call our office at 610-375-4949.

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