30 May 2017,

orthopedic surgery in Ephrata PA

Are you suffering from joint damage or injury in your shoulder, knee, or elbow? Arthroscopic surgery may offer relief. For many, this approach has several advantages over other types of orthopedic surgery. Today, our provider of orthopedic surgery in Ephrata, PA would like to share a few of them with you:

  1. This procedure is far less invasive than traditional surgeries – One of the greatest benefits of arthroscopic surgery versus more traditional surgery is it’s less invasive. Arthroscopic surgery requires only a few small incisions, since the joint does not need to be fully opened.
  2. There’s less risk involved – As a result of being minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery usually comes with a lower level of risk than many surgeries. In turn, this means less worrying about surgical complications and more focusing on getting back on your feet.
  3. Most patients enjoy reduced recovery time – Speedier recovery is another benefit stemming from this surgery’s less invasive methodology. Because only a couple of incisions are needed, the body recuperates more quickly. This makes arthroscopic surgery an especially viable option for athletes who want to get back in the game as fast as possible.
  4. This type of surgery produces minimal scarring – Arthroscopic surgery even has a cosmetic advantage over other procedures. Because smaller incisions are made, the surgery generally leaves less scarring than traditional “open” surgeries, making it preferable for those who don’t care to have lasting evidence of their surgery.

Most patients who undergo arthroscopic surgery on their shoulders, elbows, or knees enjoy these benefits, but it’s important to remember that results differ patient by patient. To find out if you’re a good candidate for arthroscopic surgery, you should consult an experienced medical professional.

Talk to Dr. Soffer About Arthroscopic Surgery Today

Wondering if arthroscopic surgery could alleviate pain from a sustained joint issue? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephen R. Soffer. Known for decades as the provider of orthopedic surgery Ephrata, PA residents trust, Dr. Soffer offers individualized care to every patient. Whether you’re an athlete, an office worker or a retiree, he will use the most current medical wisdom to guide you toward the most appropriate course of treatment.

Call our office at 610-375-4949 to schedule an appointment. And if you’d like to read what Dr. Soffer’s patients have to say about his care, be sure to check out our recent post. We look forward to helping you get back to doing what you love!

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