12 September 2019,

stem cell therapy for knee pain

In recent years, advancements and innovations in orthopedics have helped to bring about less invasive ways to treat and manage common knee conditions such as osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy for knee pain is among the new and exciting treatment options for individuals suffering from acute or persistent discomfort in one or both knees. This treatment method is minimally invasive and may be a good option for certain patients.

What to Know About Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

If you are currently exploring your treatment options for a knee injury or condition, you may be curious to learn more about stem cell therapy. Here are a few things to keep in mind about this cutting-edge treatment option:

  • – Stem cell therapy for knee pain is designed to repair torn or worn-down cartilage. This can help improve knee joint function and stability while decreasing pain.
  • – This procedure involves stem cells being extracted from a patient’s own bone marrow or fat tissue, multiplied and then injected into the affected knee(s) to promote healing.
  • – Stem cell therapy is often discussed in conjunction with PRP therapy. While these two treatment methods are similar, it is important to note that there are distinct differences between PRP and stem cell therapy.
  • – Generally speaking, stem cell treatment for knees takes less than 1 hour and is completed in one session.
  • – Unlike some other treatment options, stem cell therapy for knee pain carries little risk of serious or lasting side effects. The most commonly reported side effects – pain, stiffness and swelling – have all been mild and quick to dissipate after the procedure.


Hopefully, this information on stem cell therapy for knee pain will be useful as you consider various knee treatment options.

Dr. Gill & Dr. Soffer Offer World-Class Knee Care

Stem cell therapy has helped give patients relief from symptoms of knee injuries such as tendinitis, as well as chronic conditions like knee osteoarthritis. If you are living with knee pain, Dr. Timothy Gill and Dr. Stephen Soffer can help you decide whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Drs. Gill and Soffer are highly skilled orthopedic physicians with advanced knowledge on stem cell therapy and other state-of-the-art procedures for knee pain. They will present all of your treatment options – both non-operative and operative – and guide you towards the best one for you.

If you’re interested in setting up an appointment to discuss your knee care options with Dr. Gill or Dr. Soffer, please call our office at 610-375-4949. We look forward to helping you get on the road to recovery from knee pain.

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