Sunny Naumoski
"Soccer is a beautiful game. Unfortunately on December 1st, 2013 I completely dislocated my left knee during a pro indoor game and suffered torn ACL, LCL, PCL, PLC ligaments, bruised bone, and damaged the peroneal nerve which resulted in drop foot. Fortunately, I went from a 20% chance of losing my bottom leg to returning to full fitness under the care of Dr. Soffer and his wonderful staff. He did and excellent job reconstructing my knee. I am now able to walk, hike, bike, exercise, run and occasionally play soccer." -Sunny Naumoski

"On Saturday, February 23rd, my team and I will be playing one of our biggest basketball games all season. I couldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for you. Yes, tearing my ACL was a huge setback in my life, but you fixed me all up, got me on the road to recovery in no time and helped get me back on the court. Without you I would not be doing what I am today and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for that." - Ashley Fannick

“I had a hip replacement 15 years ago by Dr. Soffer. Since surgery, I never had any problems. I had great results. I would recommend him to anyone.” - Harvey Stambaugh

"Dr. Soffer, you are my favorite Doctor. All is well for me and my body. My knee actually feels good! Thank you for being a fantastic Doctor." - Debbie Karkoska

"Thank you very much for the remarkable surgery you performed on my right shoulder. I feel as if it's improving every day and I will be back playing tennis in no time." - Jane Fennelly

"The biggest and most important thing that has improved since I started has to be the fact that now I can pick up and play with my son without worrying about me stumbling because of knee pain. Thanks." - Douglas Stewart