We Are Now Offering Telemedicine

24 March 2020,

Given the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a need for non-traditional patient-physician encounters. Therefore, Dr. Gill and I are now performing telemedicine in addition to […]

Who Is a Candidate for Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery?

9 March 2020,

The shoulder is a complex joint consisting of a ball (the upper part of the arm bone) and a socket (the shoulder blade). Surrounding […]

What Are the Common Causes of Knee Arthritis, and How Is It Treated?

18 February 2020,

Knee arthritis is a very common condition marked by symptoms such as pain, stiffness and swelling in the knee joint. There are several different […]

Annual Arthrex Orthopedic Technology and Innovation Forum

23 January 2020,

Dr. Soffer went to the Arthrex annual Orthopedic Technology and Innovation Forum in Naples, Florida last weekend. Attendees tried different new instruments and techniques […]

What Kind of Doctor Treats Shoulder Bursitis?

13 January 2020,

Shoulder bursitis is a common condition characterized by aching, swelling and/or acute pain in the shoulder joint when it is moved or pressure is […]

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