31 January 2022,
st elbow specialist near me

Elbow discomfort is no fun. What’s more, if it’s severe and ongoing, elbow pain can begin to interfere with your daily life, occupation and hobbies. If you’re suffering from an elbow issue that isn’t resolving, it may be time to locate the best elbow specialist near me. In this case, you might wonder how to go about finding a skilled orthopedic expert who truly cares about your recovery and wellbeing. Keep reading to learn what to look for to identify a qualified provider.

How to Find the Best Elbow Specialist Near Me

To receive the very best care for an elbow injury or condition, locate a physician who is:

  • Board certified – This certification verifies that a doctor has passed a specialty-specific exam assessing their clinical knowledge, skills and training. Maintaining board certification from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery – as Dr. Stephen Soffer does – indicates that the provider is up to date on the latest and most advanced orthopedic treatments.
  • Equipped to provide both nonsurgical & surgical treatments – In some cases, elbow issues can be solved through a strategic combination of conservative treatments like physical therapy, medication and rest. However, patients with certain elbow conditions may require surgery. Thus, it’s wise to visit an orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Soffer from the start in case your condition ultimately necessitates surgical intervention.

Along with seeking out these credentials, it’s important to factor in the doctor’s personality and care philosophy in order to find the all-around “best elbow specialist near me.” Take a look at their patient testimonials to make sure they have a reputation for providing the high level of care you deserve.

Depend On Dr. Soffer for State-of-the-Art Elbow Care, In or Near Reading, PA

If you are experiencing persistent elbow pain, stiffness, swelling or dysfunction, trust Dr. Soffer to help you address it with an effective, individualized treatment plan. As one of the nation’s foremost elbow experts, Dr. Soffer completed a sports medicine fellowship and co-authored the first elbow arthroscopy textbook published in the US with Dr. James Andrews. 

Dr. Soffer is recognized for his skill in performing arthroscopic surgery, as well as for offering compassionate treatment to patients of all ages and life roles. To schedule an appointment with him, call our office at 610-375-4949.

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