3 May 2021,
can you drive with tennis elbow

Commonly referred to as tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis is a type of tendinitis that develops due to overuse of the elbow. Causing elbow tenderness and pain which may extend to other parts of the arm, this injury can make it hard to perform daily activities such as lifting a drinking glass. In turn, many patients wonder: Can you drive with tennis elbow? In this article, our orthopedic specialist will answer this and other frequently asked questions about this common elbow issue.

Can You Drive With Tennis Elbow? Treatment, Symptoms and More

  • Can you drive with tennis elbow? An individual with tennis elbow may experience swelling, pain, decreased range of motion and/or weakness in their elbow, as well as in their forearm, wrist or upper arm. These symptoms can make driving and other essential everyday activities difficult and uncomfortable. Fortunately, conservative treatments often help to alleviate tennis elbow symptoms.
  • What are common first-line treatments for tennis elbow? Many patients with tennis elbow report significant symptom relief from a combination of nonsurgical therapies. Methods which might be effective include: 
  • -Resting and icing the affected elbow
  • -Taking anti-inflammatory medications 
  • -Receiving steroid injections 
  • -Performing physical therapy exercises
  • -Wearing an elbow brace
  • Might I need surgery for tennis elbow? For a more severe case of tennis elbow that does not respond to initial treatment, surgery may be the next option. A qualified orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. Stephen Soffer can help you determine the most appropriate course of treatment in your unique case.  

Explore Advanced Elbow Treatment Options with Dr. Soffer 

If you are experiencing persistent elbow symptoms that are impacting your quality of life, it may be time to visit an elbow injury specialist. For patients who live in or near Berks County, PA, Dr. Soffer offers world-class orthopedic care with a hometown feel. 

Along with Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Soffer co-authored the first elbow arthroscopy textbook published in the US. As a board-certified surgeon, he draws on his abundant knowledge and experience to help patients of all ages return to a fulfilling, pain-free lifestyle. 

To schedule an appointment or learn more about the range of nonsurgical and surgical elbow treatments available at Dr. Soffer’s office, reach out today at 610-375-4949.

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