30 September 2021,
carpal tunnel treatment options

Carpal tunnel is a common condition that’s marked by pain, stiffness, numbness and tingling in the wrist, hand and/or lower arm. Discomfort from carpal tunnel typically comes and goes. It often flares up from activities that put strain on the median nerve, such as typing on a computer. If symptoms bother an individual in their day-to-day life, they may wish to explore carpal tunnel treatment options. In this article, we’ll discuss both conservative and surgical methods which may be recommended to help ease symptoms and resolve this painful condition. 

Carpal Tunnel: Treatment Options and More

Depending on the severity of your case, an orthopedic doctor may suggest a number of different carpal tunnel treatment options. Generally, first-line treatments are prescribed to start, with surgical options being a last resort. Methods which may be effective in abating carpal tunnel symptoms include:

  • Doing Physical Therapy – Working with a physical therapist can be highly beneficial for anyone with carpal tunnel. This professional can teach you exercises that will increase the strength of your wrist and hand muscles, as well as suggest adaptations you can make in your occupation & hobbies to reduce the amount of stress put on your wrist region.
  • Wearing a Wrist Brace – For those with mild or moderate cases of carpal tunnel, it can be helpful to wear a wrist brace at night and while performing activities that trigger symptoms.
  • Taking Corticosteroids – Administered via shots or pills, corticosteroids can help to lessen pain and swelling related to carpal tunnel. However, they will only provide short-term relief and thus aren’t a permanent solution.
  • Having Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery – If you’ve been trying conservative treatment strategies for 6 months or longer with little or no success, your orthopedic doctor may recommend carpal tunnel release surgery. This procedure is designed to take pressure off the median nerve and may be performed via open or arthroscopic surgery, depending on the individual case.

Create a Carpal Tunnel Treatment Plan with Orthopedic Expert Dr. Soffer 

Carpal tunnel can make it difficult and painful to perform your job and enjoy your favorite pastimes. If you’re experiencing lingering wrist discomfort, Dr. Stephen Soffer is here to help you find the right course of treatment to address your symptoms. Having completed a fellowship in sports medicine with renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Soffer is highly qualified to perform carpal tunnel release surgery or advise on the right nonsurgical treatments.

To schedule an appointment to make a carpal tunnel treatment plan with Dr. Soffer at our Wyomissing, PA office, call us today at 610-375-4949.

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