21 April 2020,

does stem cell therapy work for rotator cuff tears

Stem cell therapy is an up-and-coming treatment with proven efficacy in relieving symptoms associated with a wide range of orthopedic injuries and conditions. Shoulder osteoarthritis and rotator cuff tears are among the shoulder issues which may be treated using stem cell therapy. If you are investigating treatment options for a torn rotator cuff, you might wonder: How does stem cell therapy work for rotator cuff tears, and am I a good candidate for this therapy?

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Rotator Cuff Tears?

If first-line methods like rest, medication and physical therapy do not provide adequate relief from rotator cuff symptoms, a patient might consider stem cell therapy. This treatment is often a viable choice for active individuals looking to avoid surgery and a lengthy recovery period. Here is a brief overview of what stem cell therapy entails and how it can help treat some rotator cuff tears:

  • – How does stem cell therapy work for rotator cuff tears? This therapy involves the removal of stem cells from the patient’s own body, typically from bone marrow in the hip. The healing agents in the bone marrow are then combined and injected into the affected rotator cuff. This process may reduce pain and may improve shoulder function in those with partial rotator cuff tears. It does not heal full thickness rotator cuff tears to the bone. Only surgery achieves that.
  • – Is stem cell therapy safe? Because it uses the patient’s own stem cells, stem cell therapy for rotator cuff tears carries low risk of tissue infection or rejection. Furthermore, there is minimal chance of serious or long-term side effects with this treatment option.
  • – What is the difference between stem cell therapy and PRP injection? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is another nonsurgical treatment which may be used to reduce pain and improve shoulder function in those patients with rotator cuff tears. While similar, these two methods have some noteworthy differences. Namely, PRP therapy uses enriched blood platelets instead of stem cells.

Explore Shoulder Treatment Options with Dr. Soffer

Stem cell therapy has helped many patients get relief from treatment-resistant rotator cuff tears and other shoulder issues – without the need for surgery. If you are experiencing lingering shoulder discomfort, Dr. Soffer can help you find the best course of treatment for you. Specializing in all the most advanced surgical and nonsurgical shoulder treatments, including stem cell therapy, Dr. Soffer helps patients return to a pain-free lifestyle.

Are you ready to discuss your shoulder care options with our skilled and compassionate orthopedic doctor? Call us at 610-375-4949 to schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment.

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