20 October 2023,
tennis elbow surgeons near me

Caused by overuse of the elbow — whether it stems from literally playing tennis or other sports, performing one’s occupation or doing a combination of activities — tennis elbow can be very painful and limiting. If this condition is interfering with your life, you may wonder about the best PA tennis elbow surgeons near me and how they might be able to help you. Read on for more information on these topics! 

Find Expert Tennis Elbow Surgeons Near Me: PA

Throughout the Berks County, PA area, Dr. Stephen Soffer is respected as a leading orthopedic surgeon with proven capability to treat conditions affecting the elbow, knee, shoulder, and other joints.

For those experiencing tennis elbow symptoms such as stiffness, weakness, swelling, limited range of motion and discomfort, Dr. Soffer may initially recommend nonsurgical treatments. These might include:

— Taking time off from activities involving the elbow

— Icing the joint

— Managing inflammation with medication

— Wearing an elbow brace

— Getting steroid injections

— Doing physical therapy exercises

In the event that a conservative treatment plan fails to successfully resolve tennis elbow, it’s beneficial to already be under the care of a practiced orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Soffer. 

Through careful examination and consideration of your unique case, Dr. Soffer can help you determine whether surgical treatment is a wise course of action for you. Tennis elbow surgery can often be done arthroscopically, offering the advantages of minimal scarring and trauma to the joint to promote a faster recovery.

Discuss Your Elbow Concerns with Dr. Soffer

Receiving certification from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, co-authoring a textbook on elbow arthroscopy with Dr. James Andrews and lecturing around the world to advance orthopedic medicine are just a few of Dr. Soffer’s accomplishments. For patients of all ages, he prioritizes minimally invasive procedures whenever possible and aims to deliver maximum results catered to personal circumstances. 

If you’re seeking tennis elbow surgeons near me who you can trust, look no further to receive compassionate, world-class care! To learn more about elbow treatment options available at Dr. Soffer’s office and make an appointment with him, call 610-375-4949. 

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