10 June 2022,
How long does it take elbow tendonitis to heal

Characterized by inflammation in the tendons linking the elbow and forearm muscles, elbow tendonitis may develop due to repetitive use/overuse of the forearm muscles. The resulting symptoms may include pain, stiffness and tenderness in the affected elbow. Often, discomfort is particularly bothersome in the morning, at night or when performing motions like grasping something or rotating the wrist. Upon recognizing these symptoms, one may wonder: How long does it take elbow tendonitis to heal

The rate and success of rehabilitation will largely depend on individual factors, including the extent of the condition and the steps a patient takes to address it. Let’s discuss strategies to promote quick and total healing of elbow tendonitis.

How Long Does It Take Elbow Tendonitis to Heal?

For the most optimal outcome, it’s advisable to see an orthopedic expert as soon as possible if you’re experiencing symptoms of elbow tendonitis. The best doctor for elbow pain is an orthopedic surgeon, as this professional has extensive, specialized knowledge of orthopedic issues and the ability to perform the full range of elbow treatments.

Dr. Stephen Soffer is a trusted provider of orthopedic care for patients of all ages in the Reading, PA area. Seeing him for evaluation and treatment at the first sign of elbow tendonitis symptoms is wise to accelerate healing and prevent the condition from worsening. Failure to seek prompt and professional treatment increases your risk of elbow tendonitis becoming prolonged, more extensive or more complex to treat.

First-line treatments which may be prescribed for elbow tendonitis include:

  • – Avoiding activities which exacerbate symptoms
  • – Icing the affected area to reduce inflammation
  • – Taking anti-inflammatory and/or pain relieving medications
  • – Wearing an elbow brace
  • – Performing stretching exercises to promote mobility and healing

Because patients often have success with these treatments, surgery is rarely necessary for elbow tendonitis. However, surgical intervention may be recommended if significant improvement is not seen after several months of conservative treatment. 

As a practiced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Soffer is qualified to perform both arthroscopic (minimally invasive) and open elbow surgery when needed. As a testament to his knowledge and experience, he coauthored the first elbow arthroscopy textbook published in the U.S. alongside Dr. James Andrews.

See Dr. Soffer for Comprehensive Orthopedic Care You Can Rely On

Hopefully this overview has helped you understand why the answer to “how long does it take elbow tendonitis to heal?” varies based on how the patient proceeds after noticing symptoms. For professional and compassionate assistance with resolving your elbow issue as quickly as possible, schedule an appointment with Dr. Soffer by calling our office at 610-375-4949.

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