30 September 2021,
how to diagnose rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff injuries affect everyone from young athletes to elderly individuals. Depending on the specific case, a rotator cuff problem may arise due to an acute injury or degeneration of the shoulder muscles over time. In terms of how to diagnose rotator cuff injury, it’s helpful to know the typical symptoms of this common shoulder issue. In this article, we’ll offer advice on how to recognize a rotator cuff injury and what to expect when seeing an orthopedic physician for diagnosis & treatment.

How to Diagnose Rotator Cuff Injury

Indicators which may signal you’ve sustained a rotator cuff injury include: 

  • – Shoulder/arm pain and weakness
  • – A dull aching feeling in your shoulder 
  • – Trouble reaching behind your back or above your head 
  • – Disrupted sleep and trouble performing daily activities 

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s important to see an orthopedic expert promptly to prevent the issue from getting worse. When it comes to how to diagnose rotator cuff injury professionally, your sports medicine physician will likely use a combination of the following methods:

  • Performing a thorough exam by moving the affected shoulder into various positions and pressing on it in different spots to evaluate its strength, mobility and overall functionality.
  • Conducting an MRI or ultrasound imaging to pinpoint the location of rotator cuff damage and determine its severity.

Using these techniques, an experienced orthopedic doctor will be able to accurately diagnose your rotator cuff issue and advise on the best course of treatment to resolve it.

Get the Prestigious, Compassionate Orthopedic Care You Deserve 

If you suspect that you may have sustained a rotator cuff injury, it’s key to visit a skilled sports medicine specialist as soon as possible. For patients in the Reading, PA area, Dr. Soffer is the top-rated provider of patient-centered, state-of-the-art orthopedic care. 

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