23 May 2018,

playing sports with a concussion

Young athletes are often eager to get back in the game right away following an injury so as not to let down their teammates, coaches and parents. However, continuing to play when one is injured can lead to some harsh consequences. This is especially true if the injury is a concussion. Playing sports with a concussion is risky for a few reasons:

  • – When a young athlete continues to play after sustaining a concussion, the symptoms of this mild traumatic brain injury – including issues with concentration and memory – may become more severe and stick around for a longer time than if the player had taken the time off to heal.
  • – Second-impact syndrome is another danger of playing sports with a concussion. This serious condition can occur when one sustains a second head injury before healing from the first one. According to The Nemours Foundation, this condition is rare, but it can result in brain damage and may even be fatal.
  • – Playing sports with a concussion can also increase a young athlete’s chances of developing chronic traumatic encephalitis (CTE) later in life. Experts are still learning about this untreatable, degenerative brain disease. They believe that it results from sustaining repeated traumatic brain injuries. To prevent this condition, it is crucial for athletes to take the necessary time to recover from a concussion. This will limit their risk of reinjury.


Playing Sports with a Concussion

Playing sports with a concussion is not a good idea. So how can you know when it’s safe to resume athletic activity after receiving a blow to the head? The key is to visit a knowledgeable sports medicine doctor who can diagnose your head injury, provide concussion treatment if necessary and confirm when you are healed. Keep in mind that you may not immediately develop symptoms of a concussion, so even if you feel fine, you should always stop playing right away and seek medical attention after hitting your head.

Dr. Gill Specializes in Concussion Diagnosis & Care

With certification from the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Timothy Gill is highly qualified to treat all types of sports injuries, including concussions. If you suspect that you or someone you love may have a concussion, you can trust Dr. Gill to provide quality care using cutting-edge methods for diagnosis and treatment.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Gill or schedule an appointment, call our 24-hour sports injury hotline at 610-375-4949. We look forward to helping you recover and get back in the game as quickly as possible.

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