27 January 2023,
sports medicine doctor near me

Playing sports is enjoyable and a great form of exercise. However, both recreational and professional athletics come with a risk of sports injuries. If you’re concerned that you may have sustained an orthopedic injury, you’re wise to seek attention from an experienced sports medicine doctor near me. Read on to learn what to center your search around to find a provider you can depend on for precise diagnosis and effective, individualized treatment.

How to Find a Qualified Sports Medicine Doctor Near Me

Whether you are facing tennis elbow, a torn ACL or MCL, a rotator cuff injury, a sprained ankle or another common sports injury, professional treatment is advisable to promote a smooth and successful recovery. Here are some key characteristics to look for when comparing orthopedic physicians in your area:

  • – Ongoing board certification
  • – Both nonsurgical & surgical treatment methods offered
  • – Emphasis on patient-centered treatment, with minimally invasive methods prioritized
  • – Reputation for providing compassionate care

In Berks County, PA, Dr. Stephen Soffer offers cutting-edge treatment for all different types of sports injuries. His extensive training and years of expertise – combined with state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and treatment offerings – enable him to help athletes of all ages optimize their recovery journeys. 

See Dr. Soffer for World-Class Orthopedic Care Close to Home

For Reading, PA area patients looking for a board-certified sports medicine doctor near me to assist them in getting back on their feet and back in the game as quickly as possible, Dr. Soffer is the leading choice. He is equipped to treat sports injuries and orthopedic conditions of all kinds and severities, whether they require surgery or not. 

As part of his rigorous training, Dr. Soffer completed a fellowship in sports medicine and arthroscopy with world-famous orthopedic expert Dr. James Andrews. Whenever possible, he prioritizes conservative and minimally invasive modalities. If operative treatment is the best course of action for your particular injury, he can perform arthroscopic or open surgery. 

To learn more about his credentials and set up an appointment to explore your treatment options with Dr. Soffer, call our sports injury hotline at 610-375-4949.

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