6 August 2023,
top knee surgeons near me

Walking, exercising and going about your daily tasks all hinge on healthy knee function that lets you move around comfortably and effectively. Over time, knee cartilage can wear out, causing pain and difficulty being active. For younger individuals, acute knee injuries may disrupt their routine with similar discomfort. In either case, familiarizing oneself with the “top knee surgeons near me” is a wise step. Allow us to introduce Dr. Stephen Soffer, the most esteemed choice in the Reading, PA area.

Top Knee Surgeons Near Me: Dr. Stephen Soffer

If you have sustained a knee injury or suspect joint degeneration related to aging, it’s important to seek expert care sooner rather than later. The longer a knee problem is left untreated, the higher the chance of it becoming more complicated to resolve or manage. 

So, why should you prioritize seeing Dr. Soffer, one of the “top knee surgeons near me”, even if you may not necessarily need surgery? 

— Many knee issues can be treated conservatively with good results. However, there are certain cases where these first-line treatments may not be sufficient, in which case knee surgery may end up being necessary.

— Prior to having a thorough examination by an orthopedic professional, it’s difficult to know just how severe your knee condition is. Even if the problem seems relatively minor, the nature of the issue may still call for consideration of surgical treatment, now or down the line.

— A surgeon will have the most comprehensive range of knowledge, diagnostic techniques and experience, allowing them to prescribe the most advanced and appropriate treatment for your particular case — surgical or nonsurgical.

In Berks County, PA, Dr. Stephen Soffer is the leading choice for orthopedic care. If you have lingering pain and dysfunction in your knee or another joint, visiting him as soon as possible can help to speed your recovery and minimize further damage.

Set Up Your Appointment with Dr. Soffer 

Fellowship-trained by world-famous sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Soffer brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to every patient appointment. He is truly dedicated to helping individuals of all ages overcome their orthopedic issues and get back to doing what they love. To optimize healing and minimize invasiveness, he uses arthroscopic instead of open surgery whenever possible.

To learn more about Dr. Soffer’s credentials, visit our website or call our office at 610-375-4949 and set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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