28 December 2023,
treating a frozen shoulder

Often nicknamed “frozen shoulder” for the disabling impact it can have on the joint, adhesive capsulitis is a shoulder condition linked to aging and injuries or surgeries that cause the shoulder to be immobilized for a significant period of time. While it may resolve on its own within a few years’ time, individuals facing this condition may understandably not want to wait this long. Especially if symptoms are debilitating, patients will benefit from exploring ways of treating a frozen shoulder with an orthopedic specialist.

Treating a Frozen Shoulder: An Orthopedic Surgeon Explains

As is standard practice across orthopedic conditions, nonsurgical treatment will generally be recommended first for a frozen shoulder. Conservative options which may help to restore range of motion while reducing discomfort and stiffness in the affected shoulder include:

– Pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications

– Corticosteroid injections

– Physical therapy exercises

Typically, treating a frozen shoulder is easier earlier on, before symptoms advance and become more complex to address. If first-line therapies do not provide full relief — or if symptoms are particularly severe — surgical treatment may be suggested. 

Dr. Stephen Soffer is a top-rated orthopedic surgeon with expertise in performing arthroscopic shoulder surgery. This minimally invasive procedure offers an effective method to loosen the joint and get rid of scar tissue which can contribute to worsening frozen shoulder, with the surgeon utilizing a tiny scope and instruments inserted through a small incision.

Learn More About Frozen Shoulder Treatments

If you are struggling with shoulder immobility, it is in your best interest to see an experienced orthopedic doctor sooner rather than later. Fellowship trained by Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Stephen Soffer favors minimally invasive treatments whenever possible, although he is well qualified to perform both open and arthroscopic surgery. 

His comprehensive treatment offerings combined with his compassionate demeanor appoint Dr. Soffer as the Reading, PA area’s leading choice for precise diagnosis and personalized treatment of shoulder issues, including frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears and beyond. 

To find out more about how Dr. Soffer can help you bounce back from shoulder dysfunction with targeted treatment, call our office at 610-375-4949 and schedule a consultation!

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