29 January 2018,

what to expect after arthroscopic knee surgery

The knee joint is highly complex and contains many parts. This makes it susceptible to both acute injuries and conditions such as arthritis that develop over time. In order to treat knee issues, orthopedic doctors often use non-surgical methods successfully. If this course of treatment is not effective, however, arthroscopic surgery is typically prescribed to resolve the knee issue. If you are considering surgery after experiencing knee pain that hasn’t responded well to non-surgical treatment, it’s important to know what to expect after arthroscopic knee surgery.

What to Expect After Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Because everyone heals differently, there is no way to know exactly how long it will take you to recover. Here are some general guidelines for what you can anticipate following arthroscopic knee surgery:

  • – 1-5 days after surgery Since arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive, you may be able to walk with minimal pain right after your surgery. However, you will likely want to use a walker, crutches or a cane to take some of the pressure off your knee for the first few days following surgery.
  • – 7-10 days after surgery – Your doctor will evaluate how your knee is healing and decide whether a physical therapy program is necessary to help you recover.
  • – 2-6 weeks after surgery – When inquiring about what to expect after arthroscopic knee surgery, the first question many patients ask is when they will be able to return to their normal activities. The answer varies greatly. For some, it is as little as two weeks. However, it can be up to six weeks or more for others. The key is to be patient and get approval from your doctor before resuming activities. This will allow you to avoid risk of re-injury.
  • – 3-4 months after surgery – For up to 3-4 months following your surgery, you may continue to notice improvements in your knee in the areas of strength and range of motion. It may also take this long for the pain and swelling in your knee to disappear completely.


Now that you know what to expect after arthroscopic knee surgery, you are better prepared to make an educated decision about whether this procedure is right for you.

Entrust Dr. Soffer with Your Knee Care

Dr. Stephen R. Soffer is a highly skilled orthopedic doctor who specializes in performing arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Soffer may be able to help you resolve your knee pain using cutting-edge treatment methods. Call our office at 610-375-4949 and schedule an appointment. We look forward to offering you superior care.

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