29 November 2021,
will a knee replacement get rid of arthritis

Living with knee arthritis can be very painful and may take away from one’s ability to enjoy their hobbies, perform their occupation or even complete routine daily tasks. Patients experiencing ongoing knee pain or limited mobility that affects them significantly might wonder: “Will a knee replacement get rid of arthritis?” While the results of knee replacement surgery will differ from person to person, patients can generally expect an improvement in arthritis symptoms and overall knee functionality from a knee replacement. 

Will a Knee Replacement Get Rid of Arthritis?

To maximize your chances of a successful knee replacement that provides arthritis relief, it is crucial to know what to expect so you can prepare accordingly and follow a proper rehabilitation plan. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering knee replacement surgery:

  • – A knee replacement may be “total” or “partial,” depending on the extent of the damage to the knee. During total knee replacement surgery (also known as arthroplasty), the surgeon removes the diseased joint and replaces it with an orthopedic implant that mimics the function and feel of a natural knee joint. 
  • – A partial knee replacement may be viable if damage is limited to only a portion of the joint. Further, minimally invasive arthroscopic knee surgery may be effective in reducing pain through the removal of loose cartilage/bone. In some cases, these procedures can delay or remove the need for a more involved total knee replacement.
  • – Although knee replacement can be performed in an outpatient setting in many cases, it is still a major surgery requiring a recovery period of around three months. Patients should expect to work with a physical therapist to regain strength and range of motion in their operated knee. It can take time and patience for the knee to get stronger so that the orthopedic surgeon can lift restrictions and clear the patient to resume their normal professional duties and personal pastimes.

Depending on your age, activity level and the severity of your knee symptoms, you may or may not be a good candidate for knee replacement surgery. Visiting a knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Soffer in Reading, PA can give you a better idea of the most well-suited treatment options for your unique case, plus a more individualized answer to “will a knee replacement get rid of arthritis?”

Learn About State-of-the-Art Treatment Options for Knee Arthritis 

Whether your knee issues are most appropriately treated at this time with surgical knee replacement, knee arthroscopy or nonoperative methods, you can count on Dr. Soffer for top-notch care. As part of his rigorous training, Dr. Soffer completed a sports medicine fellowship with esteemed sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews. 

When you visit his office, Dr. Soffer will listen carefully as you describe your symptoms, use advanced technologies to diagnose your knee problem and provide well-matched options to help resolve your discomfort and restore your mobility. Call our office at 610-375-4949 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Soffer and make an effective plan to get back to doing what you love.

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