1 June 2021,
best arthroscopic knee surgeons

Knee pain and dysfunction can plague everyone from young athletes to older, less active individuals. Fortunately, there are a wide range of treatments available to help alleviate discomfort and restore normal knee function. If first-line, nonsurgical treatments fail to provide sufficient relief, arthroscopic knee surgery is often the next recommended step in a patient’s treatment plan. When considering this procedure, it’s important to make sure you’ve found the best arthroscopic knee surgeons in your area. Today, we’ll provide helpful tips on what to look for in an orthopedic surgeon.

How To Choose the Best Arthroscopic Knee Surgeons

Here are three credentials that all the best arthroscopic knee surgeons will possess:

  1. Extensive Training – The more experience and achievements a surgeon has, the more you can depend on them to deliver the highest level of care. Having completed a sports medicine fellowship with world-renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Stephen Soffer is a leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of all knee issues. He specializes in both open and arthroscopic knee surgery, utilizing nonoperative or minimally invasive treatments whenever possible.
  2. Ongoing Board Certification – Being board certified indicates that an orthopedic surgeon has passed a specialty-specific exam verifying their qualifications and knowledge in the field. Dr. Soffer maintains board certification from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Further, he holds certification in the treatment of cartilage injuries in the knee with articular cartilage implantation. Dr. Soffer holds a dual certification in both orthopedics and in sports medicine.
  3. Outstanding Patient Reviews – Successful treatment of knee issues requires skillful care from a doctor who considers the patient’s unique circumstances and what will ultimately be best for them. Dr. Soffer is known for providing compassionate, individualized care to patients of all ages – and his highly positive online testimonials fully demonstrate this.

Owing to his expertise and commitment to improving mobility and quality of life for his patients, Dr. Soffer was chosen as a Top Orthopedic Surgeon for 2020 by Pennsylvania Magazine. Additionally, he recently received the Healthgrades Joint Replacement Excellence Award for the eighth consecutive year.

Count On Dr. Soffer for Exceptional Orthopedic Care in Berks County 

If you are seeking the most qualified doctor to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for a knee injury or condition, look no further than Dr. Stephen Soffer. Whether your knee problem can be addressed with conservative methods or surgery is required to attain optimal recovery, Dr. Soffer will provide cutting-edge treatment with an emphasis on your comfort. To arrange an appointment with him, call our office at 610-375-4949.

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