31 March 2023,
best knee doctor near me

Your knees play a key role in supporting your day-to-day mobility. So, when this complex joint is damaged, it can have a debilitating impact. If you are suffering from symptoms of a knee injury such as an ACL tear or a condition such as arthritis, promptly locating the best knee doctor near me is important to speed your healing and prevent lasting effects. Let’s go over some tips for finding the most favorable option in the Reading, PA area.

Best Knee Doctor Near Me: Berks County, PA

Whether it’s an acute injury or a condition that has progressed over time, any sort of lingering knee issue warrants being seen by a trained professional. Here are some of the major markers of an orthopedic physician you can depend on for quality care:

– Board certification, which verifies their knowledge and skills in their specialization of orthopedic medicine

– Prioritization of conservative and minimally invasive treatment methods whenever possible 

– Ability to perform open & arthroscopic surgery, in case either is determined to be a necessary step in your treatment journey 

– Use of state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the source of knee symptoms and inform how best to resolve them

Proud to check all of these boxes, Dr. Stephen Soffer has a longstanding reputation among Berks County, PA residents for being the best knee doctor near me. He offers both operative and nonoperative treatments, giving him the ability to address all types and severities of knee issues. 

In many cases, he recommends arthroscopic surgery for knee problems which have not responded to conservative treatment. He excels in performing this minimally invasive procedure, and he has instructed and lectured extensively on this cutting-edge therapy.

Seek Personalized Knee Treatment from Dr. Soffer 

If you are living with pain, limited mobility or other troublesome side effects of a knee issue, it’s important to see an orthopedic expert as soon as possible, before the problem becomes worse and more difficult to treat. With Dr. Soffer, you can depend on receiving cutting-edge treatment tailored to your particular condition, lifestyle, age and activity level. To schedule a consultation with him, call our office at 610-375-4949!

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