30 June 2023,
rotator cuff specialist near me

As one ages, participates in sports and/or performs a job that puts stress on the joints, shoulder issues are a common complaint. Namely, damage to the rotator cuff tendons affects many patients at various stages of life. Whether in the form of acute trauma or degeneration over time, rotator cuff injuries can be very painful and even debilitating in some cases. If you suspect that you are facing this shoulder problem, it may be time to seek out a qualified rotator cuff specialist near me. In the Reading, PA area, Dr. Soffer offers advanced treatment for orthopedic concerns of all sorts, including rotator cuff problems.

Dr. Stephen Soffer: Best Rotator Cuff Specialist Near Me

Ranging from mild to severe, signs of a torn rotator cuff may include some or all of the following:

— Weakness and pain radiating from the shoulder down the arm

— Trouble lifting the arm overhead and behind the back

— A dull aching feeling in the shoulder

— Limited range of motion, making certain everyday tasks difficult or impossible

— Disrupted sleep

When experiencing these symptoms, many individuals wonder whether they can treat the issue at home or if they need to see a doctor. Generally speaking, if discomfort and limitations are severe or persist after taking some time off from activities, it’s important to promptly find a credible rotator cuff specialist near you. Doing so sooner rather than later will prevent worsening damage and speed your recovery. 

Visit Dr. Soffer for Expert Shoulder Care

To resolve the undesirable effects of rotator cuff damage, the first step is seeing an orthopedic professional for precise diagnosis. Dr. Stephen Soffer will perform a thorough exam, which may include imaging to help him assess the strength and mobility of the impacted shoulder, plus pinpoint the exact location and severity of the injury. Based on this evaluation, he will then recommend surgical or nonsurgical treatment.

With fellowship training by Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Soffer excels in performing minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery. He also offers conservative treatment options. To schedule a time to visit our office in Wyomissing, PA and create a personalized treatment plan with Dr. Soffer, call 610-375-4949!

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