28 April 2023,
best orthopedic knee surgeons near me

The knee joint consists of numerous structures, including cartilage, ligaments and bones. If any part of the knee receives high-impact trauma or gets strained or overused, it can lead to pain, swelling and reduced mobility. In some cases, a knee injury or condition may even interfere with an individual’s ability to walk. For severe or lingering knee symptoms, a patient may look for the best orthopedic knee surgeons near me. Let’s explore how to land on the top option in the Reading, PA area!

Find the Best Orthopedic Knee Surgeons Near Me

When comparing orthopedic physicians experienced in knee diagnostics and treatment, here are a few best practices:

Seek out a skilled surgeon, even if your knee issue seems minor at this point. This way, you will be under the care of a comprehensively trained doctor in case your condition worsens and necessitates surgery down the road. 

Find someone with board certification. This standard helps to verify that a provider is equipped with high-level experience and training in orthopedic medicine, thus making them a qualified choice for your knee care.

Look for someone who emphasizes cutting-edge treatments and keeps up with the latest developments in orthopedics, such as minimally invasive knee arthroscopy. This procedure can help to pinpoint the location and severity of knee damage, speed healing time and minimize side effects in many cases.

Review patient testimonials. By taking the time to do so, you’ll gain insight into the quality of the care you can expect from a provider, as per real patients. 

By following these tips, you’ll be well poised to locate the best orthopedic knee surgeons near me.

Visit Dr. Soffer for Individualized Knee Care 

Whether you are facing a torn ACL, a meniscus injury or chronic knee pain stemming from cartilage wear and tear over time, Dr. Stephen Soffer is a well-qualified expert who helps patients of all ages address their knee symptoms in the Reading, PA region.

As part of his extensive training, Dr. Soffer completed a sports medicine fellowship with world-famous sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews. He is experienced in both open and arthroscopic knee surgery, and he is certified to treat cartilage injuries in the knee with articular cartilage implantation. To learn more about Dr. Soffer’s credentials and set up an appointment, reach out to our office at 610-375-4949!

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