When to Consider Labrum Arthroscopic Surgery

15 January 2018,

The labrum is a fibrous piece of tissue in the shoulder that helps to keep the joint in place. When the labrum is torn […]

Torn Labrum Shoulder Surgery Recovery Time: What to Expect

21 December 2017,

A labrum tear is a common shoulder injury which can result from athletic activity, overuse, or the aging process. Labrum repair surgery is typically […]

What Is A Sports Medicine Physician?

1 December 2017,

If you sustain an injury during athletic activity, you may require the care of a qualified sports medicine physician such as Dr. Stephen R. […]

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in PA: Dr. Soffer

17 November 2017,

If you are in need of PA orthopedic care, Dr. Stephen R. Soffer is an experienced, skilled, and trustworthy choice. He is an expert […]

Types of Shoulder Surgeries Performed by Dr. Soffer

7 November 2017,

The shoulder is a highly complex joint that is susceptible to a range of injuries, as well as issues caused by wear and tear […]

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