What to Expect After Meniscus Surgery: Recovery Time and More

8 March 2019,

A meniscus tear is a knee injury that is experienced by athletes and non-athletes. Often, no trauma occurs to cause a meniscus tear. Symptoms […]

ACL Injury Recovery: Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment Options

28 February 2019,

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) helps keep the knee joint stable as it bends, twists and pivots. When this important structure is stretched or […]

Two Non-Surgical Knee Treatments: PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

8 February 2019,

There are surgical and non-surgical methods to resolve pain and other symptoms that arise from knee injuries and chronic conditions. Some patients prefer non-surgical […]

Diagnosing Rotator Cuff Problems: What to Expect at the Doctor’s Office

28 January 2019,

Rotator cuff conditions are very common, especially among athletes, older adults and those with jobs or hobbies that require repetitive overhead arm movements. If […]

What Is the Best Type of Doctor to See for Knee Pain?

14 January 2019,

Knee pain is a common ailment with a wide range of possible causes. When overuse or a minor injury is to blame, pain will […]

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