13 March 2023,

Whether it’s an acute injury or a condition that has developed over time, orthopedic concerns warrant prompt, professional evaluation and treatment to address the issue and keep it from getting worse. Many times, orthopedic problems can be treated non-surgically. But in case surgery is necessary to promote healing, it’s beneficial to be under the care of an orthopedic surgeon PA patients rate highly, such as Dr. Stephen Soffer.

Orthopedic Surgeon PA: Common Conditions Treated

Drawing on his comprehensive training, years of expertise and cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Soffer is equipped to provide professional diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. Patients commonly see him for:

Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel
Trigger finger 
-ACL/MCL sprains & tears
-Meniscus injuries
-Rotator cuff & labrum injuries
-Wrist & ankle fractures
-And other conditions affecting the bones, joints or associated muscles

Regardless of the orthopedic condition you are facing and its severity, you can depend on Dr. Soffer to provide a precise diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan to improve your symptoms. His mission is to help every patient he sees to resume a pain-free lifestyle as quickly as possible, prioritizing conservative and minimally invasive methods whenever appropriate.

Visit Dr. Soffer for Expert Orthopedic Care

Offering X-rays and other types of advanced diagnostic imaging as well as physical therapy on site in Wyomissing, PA, Dr. Soffer is the orthopedic surgeon PA patients of all ages come to for everything from sports injuries to joint concerns associated with aging. 

Fellowship trained by world-famous sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Soffer is recognized for his skill in performing arthroscopic surgery on the elbow, knee, and shoulder joints. He also offers open surgery as needed, along with a range of nonsurgical treatment methods to give patients first-line options.

If you’re eager to get to the bottom of what is causing you persistent discomfort or limited mobility and make strides towards remedying it, call our office at (610) 375-4949 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Soffer. He takes the wellbeing of his patients seriously and is passionate about providing world-class, individualized orthopedic care!

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